Our Signature Handmade Gyoza
Pork (Gyoza Man Original), chicken or vegetable (vegan).
$6 per 4
Gluten-free Gyoza
Pork (Gyoza Man Original), chicken or vegetable (vegan)
$6 per 4
Chicken or Vegetable Wontons
With rice noodles (vege version is vegan). Gluten-free option.
Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
Served with rice, gluten free.
Small - $7
Large - $12
Charshu Pork
Served with rice, gluten free.
Small - $7
Large - $12
Gyudon (Beef Bowl)
Served with rice, gluten free.
Small - $7
Large - $12
Beef Curry
Japanese-style curry with pulled chuck steak.
Small - $7
Large - $12
Combo Obento
With pork, chicken or beef + rice, salad & gyoza. GF option.
Chicken Karaage (Wed & Sat only)
With wombok and rice, gluten free.
Small - $7
Large - $12
Pork Ramen
In shoyu, miso or tonkotsu broth. Gluten free option.
Vegan Tofu or Kimchi Ramen
In shoyu (soy sauce) broth. Gluten free option.
Yakisoba (Fried Noodles)
With tonkatsu pork, teriyaki chicken or shoyu beef.
Vegetable Curry
Japanese-style vegetable curry. Vegan & gluten free.
Small - $6
Large - $10
Teriyaki Vege & Fried Tofu Bowl
Served with rice. Vegan & gluten free.
Small - $6
Large - $10
Japanese So-zai Salads
Gluten free with vegan options.
$6 per serve
Grilled Edamame
Plain or with garlic & chilli sauce. Vegan & gluten free.
Rice / Miso Soup
Bowl of rice / Home-made miso soup (vegan & gluten free)
$3 each
Dish of the Day
Changes daily. (See below for today's special dish.)
$ 10 - $12

Outdoor seating available

Chicken Karaage Bowl
Gyoza and Karaage Combo

Dishes of the Day (Sat)

Chicken Karaage Bowl

It's Karaage Saturday! Our Dish of the Day is crunchy chicken karaage served with rice and wombok, plus mayonnaise and either tonkatsu sauce or homemade sweet & spicy sauce (GF).

$7 Small | $12 Large

Karaage & Gyoza Combo

We are also offering our popular Karaage & Gyoza Combo with your choice of salad for $12 (gluten-free option).

About our food


We think our Gyoza (handmade and cooked to order) are pretty special. A family recipe perfected over 20 years, they are golden on the bottom, juicy and plump. Choose from pork (Gyoza Man original), chicken or vegan. Gluten-free skins available (they just take a little longer to cook).


We use only free-range chicken and pork, and grass-fed beef. We also use chemical and pesticide-free veges in all our dishes wherever possible, sourced from Tweed grower Jumping Red Ant. But that doesn't mean we are expensive! Gyoza Man is great value, with nothing over $12. 


We believe in healthy, home-style cooking, that doesn't leave you feeling heavy. Gyoza Man owner Satoshi grew up in Japan, and he aims to cook the same type of delicious, nourishing meals he enjoyed at home. His motto is: 'Good, healthy food makes you smile'.

Meet the Gyoza Man team

Gyoza Man team Satoshi & Jo
Satoshi & Jo

Gyoza Man owner Satoshi Mikami spent 30 years as an aquaculture biologist, before throwing it all in to pursue his second passion, making people happy with great food. His signature gyoza - perfected over many years - have been famous amongst friends and family, and now he is bringing them to the Tweed Heads community.

Assisted by his offsider Joanne (Jo), Satoshi will be continually adding items to the Gyoza Man menu, so feel free to have a chat about what sort of food you'd like to see. 



Find Us

In the laneway beside Dolphins Harbourside Hotel
11.00am - 4.30pm


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